Celandine from warts - instructions for use

Celandine (warthog) is an oligotypic dicotyledonous plant belonging to the poppy family. Grass is considered a weed and is not grown in agriculture. It grows in countries with a temperate climate. Celandine can be found along roads, in forest clearings, and on home plots. In folk medicine, celandine is used for warts and some other diseases. Its juice contains a lot of toxic substances, so using weed alone can be dangerous.

Composition of celandine

celandine - a medicinal plant that eliminates warts

The composition of the plant includes several groups of chemicals, some of which are poisonous. Among the toxic components of celandine are mainly alkaloids, the number of which in the juice of the warthog reaches twenty. At high doses, they can provoke the development of convulsions, anticholinergic syndrome, hallucinations, respiratory disorders, coma. Celandine alkaloids, which enter the body in small doses, have analgesic, antispasmodic and sedative effects. In addition, they increase intestinal motility, which allows the use of celandine as a remedy for constipation.

In addition to alkaloids, celandine juice contains organic acids and essential oils. These components are able to destructively affect the tissues of the human body, which allows the herb to be used to remove growths on the skin (warts, papillomas, moles, dry corns). Removing warts with celandine is a long-standing and proven traditional medicine method.

Preparations based on the herb in question contain phytoncides - natural antibacterial agents that allow you to fight infectious diseases. Celandine is not usually used to treat systemic infections. However, the therapy of local foci of inflammation (furuncle, pimple, superficial abscesses) is possible and productive.

The plant contains a large amount of vitamins (mainly "C" and "A" groups). They contribute to the general strengthening of the organism, to the strengthening of the immune defenses, to the prevention of many diseases.

Note: when boiling celandine grass, some of the substances that make up its composition are destroyed. First of all, it concerns vitamins. Therefore, herbal preparations that require exposure to high temperatures are not used to fortify the body.

Is it possible to remove warts with celandine?

The warthog has been used for a long time by traditional healers. Among other indications for its use there are various types of warts, papillomas, dry corns. The plant is quite effective medicine for skin neoplasms. To achieve the desired effect, you need to know how to properly use celandine from warts.

You can achieve a therapeutic effect if you use celandine during its flowering period. This time it falls in June and early July. When a plant blooms, its juice contains the maximum amount of medicinal components. The use of warthog outside the flowering period is possible, but the effect of the grass will be weakened.

It is necessary to remove a wart by applying celandine juice in the following way:

  1. Wash and steam the wart and surrounding area. This will make its tissues more susceptible to plant acids.
  2. Tear off the stalk of the celandine. At the same time, a drop of bright orange juice should appear on the cut.
  3. Apply the juice with short taps on and around the wart.
  4. Repeat the treatment twice a day until the problem area disappears.

Celandine has three mechanisms of action at the same time. First, the wart is exposed to organic acids, which actually dissolve it. In addition, the juice has an irritating effect, which increases blood flow to the pathological focus and accelerates its reabsorption. The third mechanism of action of the drug is a local immunostimulating effect. Celandine potentiates reactions aimed at the destruction of HPV in tissues.

Note: Celandine herb treatment, although effective, is quite long. Removal of a tumor can take up to a month or more. To speed up the process, it is recommended to use products based on warthogs that have a much higher concentration of active substances.

Means based on celandine

Both traditional and traditional medicine have a number of drugs to combat skin neoplasms, made on the basis of celandine or with a similar mechanism of action to it.

The products may contain warthog extracts combined with an acid component. Such medicines grossly burn the wart, which is often accompanied by a chemical burn. This happens when using industrial drugs that can remove a wart in 1-2 applications.

Traditional medicine preparations are more delicate and do not cause chemical burns. They act gently, gradually destroy the wart and lead to its spontaneous separation. Traditional medicines, such as celandine in its pure form, require a long course of 3-4 weeks of treatment. However, they are best suited for removing warts from the face and other exposed parts of the body.

Solution for warts and papillomas

The drug of the same name based on sodium and potassium hydroxide is one of the most effective means for the rapid removal of papillomas. Distributed in 1. 2 ml beakers, it has a gelatinous consistency.

Before removing unwanted growths on the skin with the help of the drug, it is recommended to steam the treated area, and then protect the skin near the wart with a cream or adhesive plaster. The solution is applied with a special applicator located inside the container. Dosage: 1 drop at the top of the neoplasm.

A strong burning sensation can occur at the site of application of the solution, but it passes quickly. Small papillomas fall off 12-24 hours after the first procedure. Large growths and dry calluses may require 3-5 applications. Processing is done every other day.

After the papilloma has fallen off, a small wound remains in its place, which is a chemical burn of the skin. For its rapid healing, you should use such means as:

  1. Antimicrobial ointment - 2 times a day with a thin layer.
  2. Regenerating foam - 1-2 times a day on the wound.
  3. Antiseptics in the form of washing 2-3 times a day with suppuration.

Do not use the drug for the treatment of anogenital papillomas and genital warts located on the mucous membrane of the anus or genital organs. Such treatment is extremely painful and can lead to serious consequences.

Note: after applying the product, you should not be afraid that it will drain from the papilloma. The solution has a gel-like structure and is rapidly absorbed into the tissues of the neoplasm. At the same time, the appearance of black dots on its surface serves as evidence of the onset of necrotic processes in the wart.

Balm with celandine from warts

Conditioner distributed in 1, 2 ml beakers and 15 ml bottles. The composition of the drug includes fresh celandine juice and a number of Baikal herbs. Despite the absence of ammonia in the composition, the balm has a pungent ammonia smell.

The action of the drug is similar to the previous drug. When applied topically, the drug has a destructive effect on skin growths, causing them to keratinization and destruction. The effectiveness of the balm is inferior to the solution, so it is recommended to use it for the destruction of small warts, corns and papillomas.

How to remove a wart with celandine of mountain origin? Before the procedure, it is steamed in hot water, after which the agent is applied to the center of the defect. In this case, it is better if the area of application is slightly less than the area of the treated surface. This will avoid damage to healthy skin. Balm with celandine is used in the form of an application.

To do this, a cotton swab moistened with medicine is pressed against the growth for a certain time, which is:

  • warts on the face - 8-10 minutes;
  • warts on the body - 12 minutes;
  • anogenital warts - 2 minutes.

The course of treatment for dry papillomas and corns varies from 3 to 10 days. In this case, the frequency of processing is 2 times a day. Warts require double cauterization for 3-4 days. In this case, the keratinized upper layers of the growth must be removed regularly.

Note: The procedure may be accompanied by a slight burning sensation and the release of ichor. Intolerable pain is an indication for the application of local anesthesia and, in some cases, for the search for other methods of treating warts.

How to use a pencil "celandine" from warts?

In almost any pharmacy you can find such an affordable dosage form as a wart pencil. In this form, a well-known company produces celandine preparations.

It is more convenient to use the tool in the form of a pencil than in liquid form. The drug is applied to a steamed pre-cooked wart twice a day for the time necessary for its destruction. Moisten the pencil head with water before use. The approximate terms of treatment do not differ from those for the liquid form of the drug.

Celandine extract for warts

Celandine extract from warts can be bought at a pharmacy or made independently. Issued without a prescription.

For self-preparation of the medicine, you need:

  1. During the flowering period, harvest the celandine stems and leaves.
  2. Wash, dry and grind 1 kg of the raw material obtained.
  3. Squeeze the mass through cheesecloth so as to separate the juice from the pulp.
  4. Put the juice container for 1 week in a dark and warm place.
  5. By the end of the week, the juice ferments. After that, cover the container with a pierced lid and leave it for another week.
  6. After two weeks, 95% ethyl alcohol is added to the fermented juice in a volume twice the volume of the juice.
  7. The resulting extract is placed in the refrigerator, where it can be stored for up to 1 year.

The preparation thus obtained can be used for the destruction of warts and condylomas. To do this, it is necessary to lubricate the neoplasm with an extract 4-5 times a day, trying not to affect healthy skin. The duration of the course usually does not exceed 2-3 weeks.

Celandine oil for warts

Celandine wart oil can be made industrially or at home.

To prepare homemade medicine you will need:

  • fresh stems of celandine grass;
  • sunflower oil;
  • infusion container.

The stalks of celandine are finely cut with a knife, after which they are placed in a container and poured with vegetable oil so that its level is 3-4 cm higher than the level of vegetable raw materials. The resulting mixture is infused in heat for an hour, after which it is cleaned for a week in a cool place. After the required time has elapsed, the drug is filtered, separating the solid particles. The liquid part of the drug is diluted with fresh sunflower oil in a ratio of 1: 1.

Celandine oil is commonly used to treat acne and other minor skin blemishes. It is practically not used to get rid of warts, since the concentration of active substances in the preparation is quite small. In theory, celandine oil should have a destructive effect on small warts when treated several times a day for 1-2 months.

Celandine decoction

Homemade remedies for warts based on celandine

To prepare a decoction of celandine, you should take 10 grams of grass, grind to a state of gruel or powder, if dried raw materials are used. After that, the plant is poured with 200 ml of boiling water and set on fire. The mixture should boil for 15 minutes. After removing it, put for 1 hour in a warm place. After the necessary time, the medicine is filtered through gauze and used according to the instructions.

With the help of a decoction of celandine, genital warts and neoplasms located in places where aggressive exposure is unacceptable (oral cavity, genitals, anus area) are treated. The medicine is used in the form of douches (2-3 times a day) or baths (1 time a day for 10-15 minutes). The course of treatment is until the desired results are achieved, usually 3-4 weeks. Before applying to the mucous membranes, it is recommended to dilute the decoction 1: 1 with boiled water.


There are few contraindications for the topical use of celandine preparations.

These include:

  • intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • age less than 3-5 years;
  • low threshold of pain sensitivity of the patient;
  • malignant neoplasms and open wounds in the area of application of the agent.

In general, celandine is a highly effective and safe remedy for removing growths and calluses on the skin. This has been proven over centuries of medical practice. A prerequisite for the safety of treatment is a correct assessment of the existing pathology and the level of risk. Therefore, before starting a wart removal course, it is necessary to consult a dermatovenereologist.