How is human papillomavirus transmitted and how to protect yourself from it?

girl with human papillomavirus

Alas and ah, but modern man is constantly waiting for a huge number of various diseases, both dangerous and not very much. And one of these diseases is papilloma, the development of which provokes HPV, the human papillomavirus. By the way, this virus is very widespread, so almost anyone can get infected. In addition, very often an infected person for a long time does not even suspect that he is a carrier of the human papillomavirus.

First, let's find out what papilloma is. Perhaps the fact that this disease belongs to the group of sexually transmitted diseases will not surprise anyone. But does everyone know how to recognize this disease, which affects both the skin and the mucous membranes? Of course, at the stage of an asymptomatic course, it is difficult to recognize diseases - the only way can be a laboratory blood test.

Symptoms of the disease

Sooner or later, a virus that has entered the body makes itself felt. The incubation period is also different, from several days to several months and sometimes even years after contact with an infected partner. It all depends solely on the state of immunity of the infected person. As a rule, single or group neoplasms appear on the skin and mucous membranes. They can be flat, like half a pea, or convex, like a grain of rice. The size can also vary greatly from small to quite large. In particularly severe cases, warts are like cauliflower.

Most often, warts are found around the anus, vulva, inside and outside the vagina, on the scrotum, penis, and sometimes on the inside of the thighs. It is almost impossible to predict how neoplasms will behave: they can remain unchanged, diminish without any external intervention, or begin to rapidly increase in size. There is a widespread theory that condyloma sooner or later degenerates into a malignant formation. However, this is nothing more than a simple "horror story". Doctors say no transformation is taking place.

sexual contact as a means of papillomavirus infection

Methods of transmission of the virus

So what is the human papillomavirus, more or less clear. Now you need to understand how you can get infected with this virus:

sexual route of infection

The most common way of infection with the human papillomavirus, of course, is through sexual contact. If one partner is infected, during sexual contact - and it doesn't matter, vaginal, oral or anal - the virus penetrates the mucous membrane of the second partner. This means that one microcrack or another, even the slightest, damage to the mucosa is enough for the virus to enter the body and settle there.

And surprisingly, doctors note the fact that very often the virus is transmitted from a man to a woman. Although, of course, women also infect men very often. Of course, people whose sexual relationships are promiscuous are at risk. In addition, smoking and drinking alcohol has also been shown to significantly increase the risk of infection, as mucous membranes become much more vulnerable under the influence of ethanol and nicotine.

Vertical mode of infection

The vertical mode of transmission of the infection is the case when the virus is transmitted during childbirth, from a pregnant woman to a child. This happens during the passage of the birth canal. Where, in fact, the human papillomavirus is found. That is why, in cases of very advanced course of the disease, to exclude the transmission of the papillomavirus, doctors can decide on the need for a caesarean section. Although in fairness it should be noted that this is the most extreme measure.

Home way of infection

Very rarely, but still sometimes doctors record cases of domestic infection with the human papillomavirus. which, however, is unsurprising: after all, if the virus is transmitted with a normal kiss, then why shouldn't it be transmitted through dishes, towels, washcloths, and other household items? Although since the incubation period of this disease is very, very long, it is almost impossible to determine exactly how the infection occurred. That is why it is so important not to forget the elementary rules of personal hygiene, especially in public places: bathrooms, saunas, showers, changing rooms.

human papillomavirus vaccine

Virus treatment

If you notice any cancer, see your doctor right away. Despite the fact that the signs of the disease are extremely specific and it is almost impossible to confuse them with anything, it is still worth seeing a doctor. The doctor will not only confirm the diagnosis, but also prescribe the optimal treatment, taking into account your general health.

Note: If the infection occurred sexually and you know which partner you received this "reward" from, tell them. Because the treatment is necessary for both, for both women and men. By the way, remember a very important point! Don't rush to break up with your soul mate if you are diagnosed with human papillomavirus. As has been mentioned several times above, the incubation period can sometimes be very long. Hence, it is entirely possible that there was no infidelity. And the disease is only the echo of a stormy youth. Therefore, be cautious, set aside the pan, rolling pin and other heavy and sharp objects, try to calm down and go to the doctor together.

Also remember that sometimes even a full course of adequate treatment does not help to completely get rid of the human papillomavirus. External signs of the disease completely disappear, but the virus is dormant in the body and at any time it can not only be transmitted to another person, but also re-announce itself with specific rashes. Or maybe all your life you can safely "fall asleep", without being seen in any way. In this case, the person is a carrier of the virus.